Mission Rabies

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In India alone, every 2 seconds someone is bitten by a dog and around 24 people a day suffer an excruciating death from rabies – over half of which are children.

Post-bite immunisations cost the Indian economy over $25million a year, yet more people die of rabies in India than anywhere else in the world. In response to this, local authorities often indiscriminately and inhumanely kill large numbers of dogs, in the hope of preventing this frightening disease. These efforts have been shown to be ineffective at controlling the disease and in some situations can increase the spread as street dogs move into vacant neighbouring territories following a cull.

I was engaged by Red Earth Studio to produce and direct a corporate film and 5 Vlogs for The Dog’s Trust.

Producer / Director

Mission Rabies blog 1 – GOA

Mission Rabies blog 2 – ERODE

Mission Rabies blog 3 – MADURAI

Mission Rabies blog 4 – RABID DOG

Mission Rabies blog 5 – THE DATA

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