Greg Atkins

Producer, Director and Writer

Television producer, writer and director Greg Atkins Greg Atkins is a producer/director with 20 years experience of making content across multiple platforms from broadcast to corporate. He has a reputation for someone who is capable of bringing out the best in people and telling their stories.

He started as a cricket and football commentator before presenting his own Sunday afternoon cricket show. Having peaked, as far as satisfaction was concerned, he moved into sport journalism with GMTV and Reuters. He spent three years producing sports output for the Reuters News hour and reported and produced on a full cross section of sports from World Cups to tar barrel rolling.

Greg then entered the world of new and converged media, helping set up a variety of multi-platform concepts as a producer and executive producer.

Then for a five-year period he worked alongside Red Earth Studio as a freelance Series Producer, Director and Executive Producer. The initial programme he worked on as a producer/director was the one-off 60 minute entertainment show, The World’s Favourite Animal. Three highly successful series followed under what was referred to as the ‘Life Strand’, two series of A Stable Life and one 13 parter entitled Farm Life.

Since then he has continued to work as a freelance producer/director, and established his own production company Greg Atkins Productions.

You can find Greg on LinkedIn.